Account Control

HostPilot: our central control panel

HostPilot is the single control panel you’ll use to administer all your users, services, and devices. It makes the cloud easier to use and more efficient to manage

Why is the control panel so important?

Most companies, when they’re shopping for cloud services, don’t think about the control panel. That’s a mistake: nothing is more important to both admin and user productivity than a simple, powerful control panel.

HostPilot simplifies the cloud

Accessible using a web browser, HostPilot is your command post for deploying cloud services to your workforce. You’ll use it to manage your user accounts, services, and devices—including mobile device management. It keeps your cloud simple so you stay focused on business. But while it’s simple to use, it still offers on-premises levels of control.

Assure a Worry-Free Experience™

While HostPilot makes the admin’s job easy, Intermedia makes it worry-free. That’s because we offer 24/7 admin phone support, a 99.999% uptime guarantee, integration and security.