Referral Program FAQ’s

When can I start submitting referrals?

You may begin submitting referrals as soon as you have been approved and can successfully access the Business Partner portal.


How do I submit a referral?

Once you are registered, please visit the Business Partner Referral Program website, login and complete the official form. Only referrals submitted through the Business Partner Referral website qualify for commission.


What referrals will be eligible for compensation?

  • New prospects within the HAZ Technologies footprint.
  • Existing customers who add a new product line to their account.
  • For example:
    • An existing Hosted Exchange only customer who adds Hosted CloudPBX.
    • An existing CloudPBX customer who upgrades to HAZCloud Full Business Spark.
    • An existing ShareSync customer who upgrades to Hosted Exchange.
    • An existing HAZCloud customer that adds an ancillary product like support (Support365) or Network Refresh.


How will I know when a deal I have provided has been installed?

Leads will be updated in the portal throughout the process. You will also receive an email notification to alert you that a lead’s status has been updated.


What is HAZ Technologies’ compensation plan for referral partners?

HAZ Technologies will pay out a one-time payment equal to 25% of the monthly recurring revenue referred and installed, up to $1,800 per signed agreement, before taxes, surcharges, and installation fees.


How do I check payment status?

The status of your leads will be updated in the system throughout the process.


At what point will I be paid for a deal that I have provided?

Payments are processed within 60 days of installation for a qualified deal.


How can I find historical payment information for deals I have provided to HAZ Technologies?

Business Partners are able to look up previous leads submitted via the portal. Your Account Executive will also be able to assist you with finding a payment’s status.


Can I advertise my relationship with HAZ Technologies?

Business partners cannot advertise their business partner relationship with HAZ Technologies, however HAZ Technologies collateral may be displayed in your place of business.


How can I update my current address information?

In order to update your address please complete a new W9 form, which can be found here. Once completed please email or fax your new W9 to:

Fax:    1.614.448.0247 for processing.

Email: for processing.


How can I find out more about upcoming HAZCloud events, product launches, and business partner incentives?

HAZ Tech sales team will be able to update you on all upcoming product launches and partner events. Additionally, Business Partners will receive an e-newsletter which will provide details on current incentives, upcoming partner events and product launches.


If I have further questions, who should I contact regarding the Business Partner Referral Program?

Your HAZCloud Account Executive is your main point of contact.

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