Case Studies

Desktop System Refresh Project

HAZ Technologies provided primary technical staff and project managers to execute XP to Windows 7 transition for over 125+ laptop and desktops.

Company: Columbus Area Integrated Health Services Inc. (CAIHS)

Intel: Founded in 1965, Columbus Area Integrated Health Services provides a wide range of integrated health care – the coordination of physical and behavioral health care services. We’ve served over 75,000 in need in our 50 years of service.

Sector: Healthcare

Our Task: HAZ Technologies was task with the migration of user settings, software and shared network storage for over 125+ network accessible devices to Windows 7. The challenge we faced executing the migration was user downtime for the home office and 6 remote office scattered throughout central Ohio had to be kept to a minimum to allow case workers and medical staff to assist their clients. With the assistance of the CAIHS in-house IT department and each CAIHS department head and our project leadership we were able to devise a plan that mitigated the overall downtime of each department’s deployment. This was a highly effective plan as we finished the project 2 ½ weeks in advance of the proposed project end date as well we had minimal impact to the case workers and medical staffer’s daily workload. Because of finishing 2 ½ weeks we were able to reduce CAIHS expenditures for project by 45% this was a very exciting time for CAIHS executive staff and department heads as it meant funds were able to be dispersed to other departments and projects.

Skills: Project Management, Network Administration, ROI Analysis, Deployment Management

Cloud Migration & Desktop System Refresh Project

Company: Africentric Personal Development Shop (APDS)

Intel: The Africentric Personal Development Shop (APDS), is an innovative behavioral healthcare center specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for the prevention, treatment of, and recovery from addictions.

Sector: Healthcare – Not-for-profit

Our Task: HAZ Technologies was award a multiyear cloud migration and desktop refresh contract.  Our teams first task was to migrate all user data in active directory and server application from (3) 2008R2 handling terminal server, network shared drives and billing software to one complete cloud server powerful enough to handle 15+ concurrent connection. At the same time we need to refresh 15+ desktops and laptops as well as increase memory in each device to handle the power needs of the new Operating System. The continuing support of the network, desktops and cloud allow us to match APDS with the best in class cloud service for email exchange, back up and communication.

The project has resulted in:

  • Decrease network outages\downtime
  • Decrease tech support tickets (inconvenience to case workers and diverts resources from APDS clients)
  • Increased network up time for onsite and remote clients.
  • Reduced fixed and viable technology spend (cost exposure) and has allowed APDS to fund other projects.
  • Increase piece of mind with automated/real-time back up
  • Increase network and communication security for both APDS and its partners

Skills: Project Management, Network Administration, Deployment Management, Network/Desktop Services, Support Services

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