Keep Your Company Secure in 2022

Keep Your Company Secure in 2022

Keep Your Company Secure in 2022

Cyber threats are constantly taking new forms, forcing users to take further steps to protect themselves.

Listed below are ways to keep your company secure: 

  1. Cybersecurity Insurance

Cybersecurity insurance is one of the more often overlooked parts of any company’s security apparatus when you can not be 100% sure. Insurance companies such as Travelers, CHUBB help clients with cybersecurity in more ways than one. Coverage is specifically designed to assist in the event of a cyber breach. Being available for companies of any size and sales makes this service invaluable to one’s company. 

Cyber breach insurance provides more options with coverage for forensic investigations, litigation expenses, regulatory defense expenses/fines, crisis management expenses, business interruption, and cyber extortion. One of the more important aspects is the preventive tools every company has access to. These are preventative tools that directly help a company prepare for and defend against most types of cyber risk.

My suggestion is to reach out to your insurance company or broker. My trusted insurance broker at Dehan Insurance has been an industry leader and has helped many clients such as my company, Haz Technologies obtain the right-sized coverage we all need.


  1. Security Awareness Training

Knowledge may be power, but knowledge without action is useless. Security Awareness training helps transform user worst-practices into action that can be used to complete the security apparatus.

As many studies have shown, humans are the weakest link in the multi-headed monster of corporate data breaches. According to research from the SANS Institute, 95% of all attacks on the enterprise network result from successful spear-phishing. These attacks not only target large companies. They can have dangerous ramifications to any business, regardless of size.  Many companies offer Awareness training from Knowbe4, and Proofpoint even Webroot is in the mix. However,  picking the correct one can help your company make the most of the other investments in cyber security apparatus. 


  1. Cybersecurity Warranty Program

A Cybersecurity warranty is like a Home warranty, where the warranty protects homeowners against the cost of unexpected repairs of major home systems and appliances. A good Cybersecurity warranty protects business owners against the cost of unforeseen Cyber-attacks.  Furthermore, the Cybersecurity warrant is different from Cybersecurity Insurance.  Cybersecurity insurance is hazard insurance and only covers items damaged because of a Cybersecurity attack.  A Cybersecurity warranty is preventative, ensuring that your technology is properly maintained and secured regularly to reduce the impact of Cyberattacks.  


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